Blog a day! Erm, for a month or two.

It’s nearly that time again! Well, the time which happens to be nearing the end of another month that is. Why is that significant? Let me explain. Last year, as you may know, I attempted a post a day challenge for three consecutive months and each time I failed due to a missed day or two. Now, this year, beginning January I decided to do it again and was determined to succeed.

Where does that leave us? January was successful! That’s a start. It’s now February and I thought I’d continue this groovy little challenge for as many months as I could in 2013. That’s right, a post each day for as many months without fail as I can. Cool aye? So, really it’s a little update again to say that it’s so far, so good. Somedays I have struggled to post either due to lack of free time or inspiration.

That’s all changed, it’s at least one post – that’s all. Easy right? Well, as I said, sometimes it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be originally, that’s for sure. Anyway, there’s this to update you on and also a few things as promised. I have received some feedback and advice from fellow bloggers, as well as comments, likes and follows too. This is significant for one reason: improvement. I now know where and what to improve in order to increase readability of my blog, thanks to these people!

There we are then, a short one as I said. Hope you continue to read my blog!

Bye for now.


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