Gangnam style or Harlem style?

So there’s a new craze currently flooding the online community and probably extremely soon to be flooding pretty much everywhere else too. That’s right, it’s not so much the Gangnam style anymore guys. Instead it’s the Harlem shake. What’s the difference? Oh by the way, I do realise the title actually has incorrectly named the Harlem shake as ‘Harlem style’ – it’s just for the sake of the title.

Well, the Gangnam style appears to be an obscure instructional video on how to ride a horse, gallop, attempt to fly or just crawl through your friends legs in much resemblance to ‘stuck in the mud’. The Harlem shake however? Well that’s just pretty much people who appear to have eaten a tad too much sugary substance and are now severely paying for it through an involuntary movement of each limb in varying ways. Not much difference in the actual teachings of either one then – just the movements.

The Gangnam style did continue to infect and turn everyone, literally. I hated it at first, now I’ve hit the ‘yeah it’s tolerable’ stage. The Harlem shake seems to be a mere copycat of what I feel is a one-off, just with various other ways of ‘dancing’. Gangnam style is literally everywhere, even on the App Store! That’s right, it’s now been manifestd into an app for the iOS users. Take a peak: it’s called Gangnam style run and it’s free.


– Official picture taken from the App Store

Joys, it’s now made its way into gaming too. Anyway, back to the other ‘dance craze’. The Harlem shake – I see no real difference as I’ve stated, but still believe that knowing many people of this world it will be the next trend and will become huge. Maybe not as huge as the Gangnam style managed to achieve but somewhere in the ‘big’ scale. Perhaps it won’t, who knows nowadays aye? The original video of Gangnam style currently has 1,312,699,810 views! Staggeringly 7,000,227 people have ‘liked’ it too.

Anyway, for those who are maybe wondering what on earth I’m on about, here’s the two links for the videos of each craze. Let me know which one you ‘prefer’ (if any) and if you see any real difference apart from the obvious. Have fun.
Gangnam style – official video on Youtube
Harlem shake – original video on Youtube

Speak soon!


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