It’s snowing again! Not the best news to break in the first part of a post I know. Anyway, it got me thinking – and got me rather excited too.

It’s nearly the holidays again, in a few months that is. The time when ‘summer’ is supposed to arrive and bless us all with sunshine and fun. Not last year, which was very disappointing. This year however shall be different, I have two holidays to look forward to during the break between my degree and masters. The first is Turkey, which has got me all impatient and excited! I’m going with a group of friends and really do expect it to be hilarious, as it always is when we’re together. The second? Well, at the moment it looks like Rome with my girlfriend. We’ve been Paris for our 1st year anniversary, then Barcelona for our 2nd year. Now, as you have guessed, Rome for the 3rd year.

This got me thinking about the act of holidays in general. I’ve only been away twice so far, and I have loved it. The flight though was very nerve wrecking and I was gripping to my seat the entire way. I’ll admit it, I’m not one for flying. The Eurostar to Paris wasn’t too bad either, it was nice and quiet and actually went rather quick – the trip that is. So what do you like about holidays? That’s where I’m going with this, clearly. It just needed the introduction to it I thought. Is it the prospect of getting away from home and everything else for a bit, the travelling, or just the change of scenery?

I like all of the above, it’s a stress free break from everything back home. All responsibility is left at home on the desk and each dinner thereafter is accompanied by a nice beer or two. For me anyway! The change of scenery and sightseeing is a great feature for me too, as I like to visit the famous landmarks of other countries. The travelling isn’t too fun, as I’m not a good flyer – but it is fun to travel away and into a different country.

That’s me all excited for the holidays, are you going anywhere nice this year? Comment below!

Ciao for now.


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