A random stats look…

Another random and short post just to say thanks, lately the traffic to my blog has increased significantly. More than significantly, in fact. It’s a good feeling too, knowing that the posts I do are getting interest and are being noticed too, to an extent.

So what am I rambling on about? Well, just 4 days ago I had a total of around 2,200 views with an average each day of just 80 or so. This isn’t surprising seeing as I haven’t used any promotional websites or anything to drive traffic to my blog. Instead it’s been just commenting, liking and advertising on other blogs and to my friends. It has been picking up, until recently. Now I have a ‘best ever’ of 747 views in a day too!

What happened then? I now stand at nearly 6,000 views altogether, almost 40 followers now and very nearly 50 comments. This may not sound like a lot, but seeing as it’s all happened in a period of 4 days or so, I see it as quite impressive. I have seen my blog being linked to on other blogs and other websites and was also on the ‘growing blogs’ of WordPress. Not to mention three posts hitting the first page of a Google search – which I rather enjoyed as a proud moment.

The big deal then? There isn’t one really, only to say thanks and hello to all the new followers, commenters and anyone else who has helped drive traffic to my page! At least now it’s more of an active blog page and I like that, I just hope it continues!

There it is then, really just another ‘thank you’ post.

Ciao for now.


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