GTA 5 – the next step in gaming.

It’s almost here, and for me it can’t get any closer than it slowly is. That may seem strange, but it works. I want to play GTA 5 right now, however, I suppose I’ll have to be patient until September 17th like everyone else. It’s a shame it’s not out sooner.

Why is it so exciting then? Well, judging by the screenshots, videos and confirmed features set to hit our consoles this year – it’s going to be a huge jump up the metaphorical ladder for the whole of the gaming world. Developers and general game makers will leap to this and all stand in awe of what Rockstar has brought to the stage. It’s going to be massive, off the scale and it will definitely redefined the way gamers think of gaming.

Since the very first GTA came to consoles and pulled many gamers in many years ago, each new release has only seen the franchise grow at an impressive rate. This will only continue, I believe anyway. GTA 4 was a game changer – literally. Yes, people may have panned it for being ‘too realistic’, but what do they want? If you need a fun, sandbox style but with storyline game – by all means check out the three instalments of Saints row. Let’s face it, that’s really the messing around version of GTA really. What of the good points about GTA 4 then? Well, the damage system and overall graphical overhaul really did add to the immersive world that was to become the backdrop for a gritty and changing story to take place. Hidden areas and interiors to run into and the ability to scale vast areas of land and blocks at a time both on foot and by vehicles was just too good. Free running was probably not the first thing on Rockstars mind but I done it – an awful lot.

What these games offer is the ability to be serious, to play around and to make for some pretty good events to take place. Countless times have I been online on the latest instalment doing random stunts and groovy stuff to pass time, various fun moments were manifested purely from completely spontaneous acts set around multiple parts of the city. That’s what’s fun about these games, it allows for unpredictability dependent on the gamers choices. I love it for that reason – and many more.

Anyway, I won’t go too much into the details of the much anticipated GTA 5 as far too many rumours circulate the Internet and many of what is ‘confirmed’ suddenly becomes lost in those brambles. Simply Google it and it will return huge levels of search results surrounding GTA 5 – including the rumours and wishful thinking of the fans of this great franchise. As you can probably imagine, I will definitely be reviewing this game in full levels of detail when it hits our shelves, and more importantly my console. Be there!

Will you be getting GTA 5?

Bye for now.


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