Daily prompt: call me, maybe

Let’s begin with the simple question: what’s a phone? Not in the literal sense of what a phone is in the physical terms, just what a phone is in relation to the person who has it.

Well, personally I have had plenty of phones – about 11 or 12 I think. Each one has been a symbol of my interests and a statement of personal taste in a way. From the very old Siemens c65 to my current iPhone 5, I have always loved my phones. So in brief, my phone to me is a part of what I do – it allows me to connect with everyone and anyone, and also to stand as an aid when required. Note taking, documentation, picture taking, recording and communication are just a few of the uses of my phone.

To answer then; without a phone I wouldn’t be able to do as much as I do without a lot of hassle and much more time being consumed. Right now I’m posting this on my iPhone! It’s not a nuisance, nor is it neglected and left to one side, it’s somewhere in between. It’s there when I need it, and when I don’t it doesn’t matter – most of the time it’s needed for something either way!

I’m sure with phones the way they are now, many feel the same way. Without a phone people become lost and feel somewhat disconnected in an unusual way. Phones are a part of the vast majority of people’s lives and have become the norm for general life and it’s tasks.

Speak soon.


6 thoughts on “Daily prompt: call me, maybe

  1. Phones can be good or bad since nowadays people carry the cell phone with them and it can go everywhere they go. Sometimes I find, if you allow it, the cell phone can get you too connected to everyone around you and distract you from your immediate life. Albeit, a good communication and connection device for our large population of busy people, it has its pros and cons. I like how you say you can take it or leave it, but often you need it for something or other.

    1. It adds to the sense of the shrinking world I think, back before phones and communication ability was as advanced as it is, the world seemed huge – obviously it is, but it doesn’t feel so distant talking to someone from another country anymore. I see phones not as a necessity, just an accessory or aid.

      1. True, the interconnected state we live in nowadays make the vast world seem so much smaller! We can see the world through the experiences of another when they blog about it, we can text each other to keep in contact no matter where each other is basically. Pretty crazy to think how far technology has come.

      2. It’s still pretty crazy to see where it’s going too, I wonder how far it can advance before it hits a wall and can’t progress any further. So if it feels small now, I’m sure it will feel much like a little neighbourhood in 10 years time.

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