Facebook: chapter 17 of unwanted changes made

A question for you: Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook? Are you like I was, hating on Twitter and deciding not to make the change from Facebook? Much like the Myspace to Facebook transition period, a lot of split views and opinions float around our online community. Most will eventually make the change just ‘to see what the fuss is all about’. I know I did. 

Let’s start from the beginning then; I began on MSN, forever chatting away to the people I saw at school and most of the time around that too. This was the main conversation point and was always the way of communication amongst many. Then came along a little thing called Myspace – the joys of the changing times. Everyone began to take the leap from a simple instant messenger to the huge platform to display pretty much everything in the most personalised way possible. 

Myspace was ‘the thing’, it was fast becoming the new MSN as MSN fell into the dark corner and slowly disappeared until its non-existence in conversation was inevitable. What was so good about Myspace? Well, for one, it wasn’t experiencing annoying and unwanted changes being forced onto the users of the site. More generally however it allowed for people to have a little site of their own, a place where a song would play whilst viewing the page and looking at new photos – somehow telling the viewer more about the user than is needed to know. 

So what’s next? After Myspace enjoyed its time at the top and was used by millions of people, those same people grew bored and wanted a fresh set of stairs to walk up. Facebook done just that – of course there were the, what I call, ‘experimental sites’ such as Friendstar, hi5 and so on which didn’t seem to pick up. Facebook was Myspace, just more up to date and it offered so much more too. Everyone flocked to it, leaving Myspace to slowly creep away in the shadows and eventually become ’empty space’ instead. Clearly that would be a slight exaggeration and a bold statement to make, but just for illustrative purposes Facebook in comparison became the king of the hill. 

Facebook saw glory and increasing numbers for some time, whilst Myspace quickly became a changed platform for people in music to display their stuff. Until the very widely recognised and much loved Twitter jumped onto the stage. This is where I stumbled in my decisive nature and hesitated to sign up. Until that is, when Facebook kept getting changed so much and began to slightly irritate its users – the timeline being an example. After much thought then, I began to familiarise myself with the workings of Twitter and ever so slowly began to creep onto its sign up page. 

My conclusion then? Well, Twitter does do away with the huge levels of photos clogging up the news feed, and is enjoyable in the sense of public and celebrity interaction. 140 characters is always fun, no more paragraph sized status updates then! The profile becomes a small page of info and header, as oppose to torrents of activity logs and scrambled events on Facebook. However – there’s always a ‘however’ – Facebook is good for its sharing of photo albums to long distance relatives and talking to friends, plus event organisation seems to be another one of its traits. Twitter is good for its simplicity and connectivity, plus the ease of sending a tweet to your followers and retweeting cool stuff. I do tend to tweet Audi UK a lot too! They both have their uses, and both are still used by many – especially me. Although I hardly update my Facebook status anymore. Let’s just hope the changes to Facebook don’t continue and cause a significant number drop, or with Twitter for that matter. I think it will be a little while before something else takes over – don’t you? 

It is funny on a side note to mention the changes in peoples interests too – first simple instant messaging was suffice, then photo sharing and personalisation, then full interaction and now worldwide communication between all ‘levels’. Blogging has now become a good thing to do too, myself being an example of someone hesitant to start doing it but actually enjoying it after all! 

Anyway, I ask again: Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook? 

Ciao for now. 


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