Temple run 2 – running up numbers

A bit of a questionable post in nature really, and it’s about Temple Run 2. This phenomenon has people gripping to their devices to, well, do the same as they did in the first app.

Having tested this ‘new’ version of the game I see no real difference, so are people getting excited due to the success of the first app? It seems this way, I mean it’s had over 50 million downloads and has surpassed Angry birds for this reason. Why though?

The detail looks a little sharper I shall agree, but what else? It’s still running away and avoiding various obstacles due to a stolen treasure. It’s still the same mechanism which was seen in the first app, with the only real difference being the scenery and the use of different obstacles. Is this what has everyone hooked? The use of zip lines? I’m not sure.

Temple run was an addictive game, when it was at its best and everyone would play to compete. This one however seems to be another attempt to pull familiar players in – and it’s worked, somehow. I have this theory that a well known and famous title will be reused again and again because the loyal fans of said title will come running. It’s assumed, obviously.

Angry birds has seen so many games with different levels released but no real change – still popular however. YouTube sees many place a famous name or title to ensure maximum viewers come, but to their disappointment it’s just another little homemade video. Film makers do the same, ruining once good films for some extra money. Personally I don’t think Temple run 2 has anything spectacular enough to pull me in once again.

What do you think?

Bye for now.


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