Daily word prompt!

I regularly read these daily word prompts but never actually participate. Not because I don’t want to most of the time either, it’s mostly because I normally miss them and read them 8 hours after they have posted.

Today is different, I have actually caught it 14 minutes after it has been posted! Anyway, the challenge: invent a definition for ‘flangiprop’. This seemed rather fun. Here’s mine:

“Flangiprop indicates a falling prop in a play, theatre production, tv show, speech area or film. Merged from the words ‘flailing’ and ‘prop’. First coined today and can be used in any scenario whether the prop is falling from up high or simply tipping over. Used in a sentence:”

“look out! Flangiprop!”

“It is argued that this was first coined as an accidental slip of the tongue, that the person saying ‘falling prop’ actually tried to say ‘flailing prop’ and, whilst ducking for cover had merged the two together. Others say the person was simply hit on the head by the ‘flangiprop’ and thus this word emerged”


Bye for now.


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