128gb iPad – necessary?

Apple have released an iPad with a huge memory space, but is it really needed? This isn’t the only think which is being released this year by the giant.

I have always purchased the 16gb devices, having had the iPod 2nd generation, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 1 and iPad 3. This amount of space has always been enough for me and I have never found myself getting close to using it all. Unless you have your entire library crammed into your device is there any need for a huge memory space?

I’m happy with the devices I currently have, and will not be upgrading any just yet – that’s for sure. This isn’t the only thing promised however, with two new iPhones in the line up apparently I’m wondering where Apples strategy has gone. A new phone once a year was too much for many who had committed to a 2 year contract, so why release two in a year so close after the iPhone 5 had been released? If this continues the old devices will fast become unwanted and many will lose interest in getting the latest iPhone. Bad move, I feel. The new iPhones are rumoured to be a ‘phablet’ and another ‘s’ model with no real differences. Just have to wait and see.

The iPad mini hasn’t been around long either, speaking of new devices. Now this iPad did have an attractive feature, which is the ability to hold it in one hand and it’s portability and, to a lesser extent – space saving capabilities. The smaller screen didn’t really take much away from the beloved tablet, and many have sold. So why do we need more iPads being spewed out of the factories? I’m uncertain as to how long Apple has before interest is lost, unless it really pulls something out of nowhere.

Only time will tell.



3 thoughts on “128gb iPad – necessary?

  1. Hi. I’ve just read a few things on your blog, nice. My question is (you said you do reviews), is this product related? Or what? Maybe we can help each other out. I need reviews. I also plan to do that daily post, maybe the ideal writing place. Btw, I wrote about Paris, someplace you’ve been with your girlfriend!

    1. Hi, thanks for the question and visit. Really what I review varies, I’ve done a few on the cars I have driven, games I’ve played or tested, phones and software updates. As long as it’s interesting, I’ll review it! Also, Paris was extremely nice – but I’m yet to do any travel related reviews.

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