New update for the Simpsons Tapped out an unexpected end?

Finally, a new update has been released for the Simpsons Tapped out - but is it a bit disappointing? it was expected to be here soon, but it all seems a bit like funny. I can see a few players being rather frustrated with the somewhat prompt ending to the valentines update too. So what's … Continue reading New update for the Simpsons Tapped out an unexpected end?


Blogging as a beginner – hints and tips

Seeing as I haven't done on of these `top tip` style posts yet I thought I may as well have a crack at it. Having only had my blog for a short time I thought perhaps I would give some tips to those either in the same position or those who have literally just set … Continue reading Blogging as a beginner – hints and tips

Post a day 2013 – month two.

As you clearly already know, it's already the end of February! Where has it gone so far? First thing's first then - on the right hand side of my blog page you may notice an additional widget for Facebook. Further down is the official image for the post a day 2013 challenge! That's right, I've decided that … Continue reading Post a day 2013 – month two.

Simpsons Tapped out: goodbye valentine?

It's nearly that time again for another update to be released upon the players of the Simpsons Tapped out. That's right, the time where no one quite knows exactly when or what will be released. Tomorrow is the 28th of February, the next significant event being Easter. A possibility? Who knows. What can we expect … Continue reading Simpsons Tapped out: goodbye valentine?

A new page…

The new official Facebook page for Onlysi91 has been set up today! After much research and information gathering into the whole thing I decided I would create one for all those Facebook users out there. What is it? Well, an advertising platform of course amongst other things. It really is intended to serve multiple functions. … Continue reading A new page…