Wax on, wax off

It’s finally ‘nice’ enough for my car to be cleaned up and made to shine again. After all of the cold weather, snow and awful rain it has left my car looking muddy and dirty all around. The alloys now look grey and dusty too.

However that has all changed! I have braved these rather peculiar winds to clean it. An all in one spray and good old fibre cloth were all I needed. That and the radio on, obviously. Anyway, that’s all done but it still needs to be done fully and properly – especially the alloys which I have left out. Rather weird I know, having a shiny car but ‘dusty’ alloys.

That brings me to my question – I’ve always liked the feeling you get when you clean your car and make it look as it should, but what do you prefer doing? A professional and somewhat ‘lazy’ drive through wash of any sort, or a dirty hands on clean in your road?

My answer? As I said, I prefer cleaning it myself and feeling good about it, but this is only done every few months. The rest of the time I regularly get it done at my work in the drive through wash. This takes much less time and a lot less energy too. But it costs more. Although that may not be too true as it does cost to get the proper stuff for a hands on clean, right?

Out of the four cars I have had, I have always cleaned it and properly done it myself for the first time for each car. Every time after it’s just a decision based on the weather and levels of laziness or energy.

See you soon!


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