The final days of blog a day!

The final days of my blog a day challenge are here and it has been interesting, to say the least. As many may know, this can be a difficult challenge especially for beginners in blogging. Therefore I thought I would do a reflective post to describe the challenge, which has been attempted three times before by myself.

So, January was set to be the month when I finally conquer this challenge, and it almost is. 31 days, one post a day. At first, it seemed like a long shot. Not due to difficulty, nor down to laziness. Instead, it was down to inspiration for a post a day to be allowable and also finding the time to do an efficient and worthy post. I know it doesn’t really take long if you know what you wish to post about, but when you are juggling university, work, various chores and ‘meetings’ – it becomes rather difficult in that sense.

However, not all was bad. Due to this little challenge actually being (nearly) successful, my likes, follows, views & comments have increased quite a lot. I know views aren’t everything, but it helps me to establish what I need to improve on and what to change – not to mention what topics people enjoy reading more. This always helps a blogger, doesn’t it? it has also helped me improve my posts and also to find more inspiration and to subsequently become more outgoing on various topics.

The advantages and disadvantages of this challenge then become quite clear once it has been taken on. Posts are easier to do, inspiration for posts improves and the blog page, overall, improves in many ways. The more posts a blogger does, it seems, the more interaction and traffic comes by. At first I thought this was mere myth, but it has appeared as more of a little truth or a hint to blogging for beginners – like myself. The only disadvantages are finding time and also balancing what would be a ‘desperate filler’ for a post and what is actually classified as an ‘efficient and interesting’ post. This distinction is easier to establish after a couple of weeks however, so it’s not all bad.

The outcome then? Well, for February I am thinking of going a step further. How about 2 posts a day? This may prove more difficult as a challenge but I did say that this year I would make my blog more active, and so be it.

Hi to the latest followers and readers! Thanks too.

Ciao for now.


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