A days rest

As you may have read already, or even guessed – this year is set to be a busy year for me. Not always a bad thing, I know.

However, do you ever get those times where you want to just have a nice relaxing day to yourself? With no tasks, chores, meetings or anything to do? At the moment, I would love it. If I’m not at Uni, I’m revising. If I’m not at work, I’m doing other work to sort everything out. If it’s not that, it’s definitely something else.

I had a busy day last week trying to get as much as I could sorted out whilst I had a long day to do so. This only made a little dent in what I had left to do though, and having work on the weekend doesn’t help this. So, this week – starting tomorrow – I have more to do. I plan to get as much as possible done tomorrow as I can. This won’t help everything however as I have Uni the next 4 days, then work after that.

No lazy or relaxing day this week then. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the Easter break to have a day to myself.

Bye for now.


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