You and what army?

Indeed a rather provocative title I agree, but it has much meaning to it. As you may have read, heard or even seen, the UK’s army size is decreasing due to cut backs. Now, this may seem like a good idea to aid a recovery from this economic hole we appear to have stumbled, albeit rather badly, into.

So, why? We have already cut back on the police force, hospitals and pretty much every other public service. Why our only defence for what is left of our once great and vast kingdom? What this essentially means is our military numbers will fall to around 80,000, give or take. That’s down from its current 102,000 – an approximate figure from sources read lately. During the Cold War these numbers were far greater, standing at around 124,000. Further changes and alterations will be made within the military too.

Are we effectively giving up our defences as a cunning tactic to tackle the economic crisis still looming over us? Or is this a poorly thought idea based on quite unlikely chances of world peace? Sure, the current government wishes to resolve all problems with diplomacy and peace talks, instead of aggression and deployment of armed forces. But if it creeps any lower then will we be open to more attacks? Of course this is unpredictable to an extent but, hypothetically, has this been considered in the decisions made? I’m not too sure that even if it was a factor, it hasn’t been taken seriously to the full extent it ought to have been.

I think even in today’s world defence is necessary for any country. There’s no guarantee that nothing will happen. In fact, anything could happen, anytime, anywhere. It’s whether anyone’s ready for it. That’s the worrying bit.

What’s your thoughts?

Bye for now.


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