As you can assume, stress is an inspiration for this post. I am stressed right now. I’m supposed to be working, but due to my house being in an awkward position I am snowed in, literally.

My car was buried completely under a heap of snow, the curbs can’t be distinguished from the roads and my garden and it’s pathway sits much higher than it should. Ever. It’s annoying. I need to get into work but most of the roads are (apparently) similar to this. I’m not risking my car or myself, or anyone else for that matter.

Apparently people have abandoned their cars on the sides of roads, and everywhere else for that matter. People have slid, skidded and just wheel spin endlessly. I’m staying off the roads in that case, I think.

Although cars are not the only option, I know this, walking isn’t either in this case. My workplace sits an hour away, in normal conditions that is. Now? Probably twice that. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention stressful, no one can get in or anywhere and people have been told or advised to stay off the roads. I think I’ll listen.

Work isn’t the only problem, my meeting tomorrow has been postponed for another week and university on Tuesday is a maybe. I just don’t think it’s worth the risk as anything can happen, right? Like I said, I’d gladly walk to places but not in this and not that distance.

Anyway, is the snow causing you problems? Probably I guess. It certainly is for me.

Bye for now.


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