Revision tactics

Every student knows the stress and annoyance which accompanies exams. During exam periods stress levels fly through the roof, coffee consumption is at an all time high and pen ink levels seem to decrease faster than anything. It really is unreal. So I was thinking – what is your revision style or tactic? I know people each have different ways of not only learning, but also certain ways to just cram that information in so far that it stays there. Here’s a few to think about.

The Highlighter 

This is definitely a favoured tactic of many. This is the style many adopt to highlight every bit of necessary information or anything that may come in handy in the exam. However, it seems as though many who use this tactic end up highlighting pretty much everything in their notes apart from words such as `the`, `and`, `whilst`, and many others like these. Now this can’t be any more helpful than just reading the whole lot again, can it? I mean, it may work but this particular style isn’t mine.

The reader 

This isn’t really a tactic as such. Instead these are the people who read everything again and again until they can literally remember the pages instantly when needed in the exam. I like this one, in fact, this is pretty much what I do. I find it helps the most, as I can remember all of the required information based on the memory of the book or source from where I read it.

The writer 

This almost follows on from the above style. Instead of reading everything five times, these people tend to try and write down everything that they have learnt or read and then check it to ensure they know the information correctly. This is quite effective I think as it really drills in the information and makes it easier to write it all down when in the exam as you have already done it! Much like the `look, cover, write, check` approach, I suppose.

The post-it

Similar to the `highlighter`, but just with post-it notes. Millions of post-it notes stuck everywhere on their walls, doors, ceilings, windows and every inch of every book they have ever read. It’s the same really as writing everything down and reading it at a later date, just with fluorescent paper. Only downside is when these post-its come unstuck and you lose a few, leaving gaps in your revision and, subsequently, your exam answer.

The note taker 

Last one, I think. This one I don’t really get on with very much, personal opinion I know. People take notes on the information they need, but sometimes end up with notes that are either the same length and depth of the original information or much more than the original information. This makes for more reading and even more confusion when you come back to it all before exams.

So, which one is your style for revision? For me it has to be a mixture of the reader and the writer. I prefer to read a lot and then write as much as I can down to see how much has gone in. Obviously everyone has their own preferred style for revision and some things work better than others. The reason really for this post is simple, I have been revising an awful lot lately as I am approaching my exams.

Feel free to comment!

See you soon.


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