I’ve finally hit 2,000 views on my blog page! I say finally but it hasn’t actually taken that long when I think about it properly. I’ve made up an archive of 5 or 6 months so far since I made this blog. That’s not that much, is it?

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has liked, viewed and/or commented on my blog! I hope they keep coming. Also a hello my latest followers, much appreciated.

Right now I’m actually at work, on a long 14 hour shift through the night time. It’s a one off, but still – it’s tiring. Just 5 minutes ago my colleague told me that it is now snowing too. So I checked, I’m not sure why but I did. Yes it is, quite heavily too, and my car is covered in it. I’m just hoping I’m not snowed in by the time I leave work at 6am! Won’t be a good start to the week I can tell you that.

Just a short one to say thanks and a little bit on the snow.

Bye for now.


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