Life on mars

All this talk about living on another planet, colonising a nearby planet soon and the rest has got me thinking. What would happen if this were to happen soon?

Let’s say we move to mars successfully in the near future. Which system of law and sets of rules would be the ones to use? What about trade and economy? Currency and political values? At the moment many of each of these exist, but which would be best to begin a new life on mars? It wouldn’t be an easy choice for everyone to agree on one thing. Who would decide? How would it be decided? Moreover, would the same countries here exist over there? For instance, would there be a ‘new America’, ‘new England’ and so on? Or would they be new countries altogether? But then, who would ‘own’ what? It’s a difficult set of choices, this is obvious.

What about interplanetary trade and communication or indeed, travel? Surely it would be too much of a strain to use all of Earths resources to build an entire new world on mars too. Obviously a team of scientists have asked themselves these questions already, but have they answered them too? Do they know enough about mars to even want to attempt this? What of any form of life up there which hasn’t been discovered?

I’m excited about this prospect of creating a world on mars, but I’m sure all of these questions have been asked and at least tried to be logically answered. Simply a thought or two.

Bye for now.


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