Run time: 127min (plus adverts: 4hr)

A relaxing film is all one needs. You decide to do work, so you put a film on in the background whilst you do so. You have family around, or friends and so decide to put on a cool film to all relax to. A nice evening of going to the cinema every so often to kick back and relax. This list can continue, but it won’t.

My point is, everyone loves a good film. However, every DVD has 14 different adverts set before the actual menu screen decides to crawl out and present itself. This is the only annoying part of watching a DVD for me, I mean, I know you can skip the adverts but that requires constant pushing of the `next` button on the control. After 5 DVD’s worth of doing just that, the control now has no `next` button remaining as it has worn away. This is even more annoying when watching an older film (by which I mean a year old or so) and constantly seeing adverts for films which have since either flopped or disappeared from, well, anywhere.

So what about the cinema? Why set a start time of 8pm, when the film will actually start at around 8.45pm? It’s a tad annoying isn’t it? All of my popcorn and huge bucket sized coke has been consumed before the 16th advert has been shown. I suppose it’s the way they make their money aye? 7 buckets of coke later and the film begins! By then however you forgot which film you have just paid for and see yourself getting excited for a different film which has just been shown in the adverts. Nicely done.

I know of course that advertising other films within a film screening or DVD is good for the other producers but where’s the limit on how many should be shown? Is it a raffle as to what score of films are shown? Or do they just pick the names out of a hat? Presumably after advertising the hats maker, designer and retailer of course.

This isn’t just a random post, well, it is but I was putting on the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy just now to watch while I revised my land law and it sprung to light.

Bye for now.


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