Has the Apple gone sour?

“I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide developers conference, May 1997

Steve Jobs – the name everyone should know, even if it is in the slightest of knowledge. Apple is what it is today because of him, its name has become as big as it is due to his input and work. When people say Apple, they associate Steve Jobs straight away with it – obviously.

His casual approach, roll neck sweater and calm key notes were a trademark of his name. This is why people remember him, it’s how people remember him. The work he put in, the products which came out. The simplicity of the product range was minimal, yet exclusive. So how have things changed under Tim Cooke?

A bigger screen, a mini version of the iPad and now different colours for the iPhone 6? [Rumour – not yet confirmed]. Jobs wanted a brand which stood out, it was recognizable by all. This is what everyone enjoyed and came to like. These changes are not necessarily bad things, but will it soon become the slow downfall of the giant company?

Many think that this is already happening, critics say Apple has lost its edge and is slipping down from the top. Other companies have, as they say, caught up with Apple and are now in competition with each other. So what has gone wrong to create these comments? Well, the iPhone 5 was not without its problems. People reported their battery life to be worse than an old Duracell bunny walking to the store. Others reported broken pixels within their screens, meaning they see dots scattered over the newly improved screen making it seem more like an eye test than an iPhone. iOS 6, remember this? Of course you do. The maps app that Apple decided to create ended up getting people lost rather than `found`. Cars ended up (somehow) in rivers and canyons due to misleading directions. This forced Cooke to do a `humiliating` apology to the consumers. Bet he didn’t like that. I see this as small teething issues  from Cooke’s new role, a mere hiccup if you will.

Why are these simple mistakes happening then? Is it due to the absence of Jobs and his meticulousness and dedication to perfection? Is Cooke more `reckless` and more of a `go-getter` than Jobs was? Or has Apple’s consumer value shifted from `gifting perfection and quality` to `buy our stuff, please?’, resulting in a score of new products being spewed out for the consumers to feast upon. What of the new iPad mini? Did Jobs want this to be made? No, is the short answer. Same with the enlarged iPhone 5 screen which has forced comments to appear about ironing the iPhone 4. Change is good, no one likes the same old products being offered. But what is `change` now? All phones are basically at the same level, no more revolutionary features are being shouted about in recent times. That’s all been done.

Where is Cooke leading Apple? Have the eggs taken over the basket completely, or have the worms slowly started to chew away that once shining and scrumptious edge? Only time will tell I suppose, until then I’m still an Apple fan and will stay with them. Protesting and switching to another phone will not solve all of your problems, as every phone has problems – especially the BlackBerry which is quicker to list what’s right with it.

Anyway, do you think Apple’s change in leadership and business style has had an effect on its reputation? Or is it just Cooke `finding his feet`, so to speak.

Speak soon.


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