‘My Art corner’

It is finally here, yes it took a while but I was busy deciding on the content I wished to display and how to display it. At the top you can find the tab for ‘My Art corner’ – it is a page dedicated to a few of my artistic pieces. Obviously I hope you like it, others have and that’s why I decided to take the step to post them on here.

It’s mainly for people who are interested in art, and anyone else really who wants to see my art. Feel free to comment, I won’t mind. Obviously tonal drawings may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you may still enjoy looking. 

A few other changes have been made, again not major but more on the lines of refinement. The ‘what I do’ page has gone, and merged with the ‘About me’ page with groovy subheadings and italics! Wow. I thought it wasn’t neat to have too many pages, especially if they are basically the same thing. All the information about me is still there, just more precise and better presented. 

A new background is now being hunted, a nice and presentable one too. I am slightly bored of the dull block colour I currently have. It doesn’t do anything to boost the attractiveness of the page. 

Anyway, speak soon. 


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