Afternoon annoyance

Another day of work today, admittedly I only work on the weekends but it does get annoying depending on the hours I do. It’s either a night shift, as you may already know from my previous posts. An extremely early morning shift or an afternoon shift. Hmm what to chose.

Well, the night shift has to be the most relaxed and goes by faster than the others as there is always something to be done. The morning shift is just too annoying, what with customers in a rush and frustrated for no particular reason. The afternoon shift isn’t too bad, apart from the 10pm finish I suppose. Although it isn’t always 10pm, sometimes it’s just before. Depends how busy it is.

Now, I’ve already tested all of these and found that I prefer the night shift. Depending on what day I work though the afternoon shift can be just as good. No one likes to work while they are in a mood do they? It goes slow, you mess up and just get generally worse as time goes by. Today I’m in from 2-10 and because it’s a Saturday it shouldn’t be too bad. Tomorrow however is too boring, no one is out on Sundays but thankfully it does still fly by.

What do you prefer? Quite frankly I can’t wait to be doing a normal weekday job instead of a part time weekend job.

Not too long to wait I guess.

Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon annoyance

  1. Morning shifts are much better. The remnants of the day are still useful. Conversely, night shifts (I find) are slow and you don’t have a social life afterwards because of being nocturnal. Just my thoughts.

    1. I think it depends as I only do two night shifts a week, so it doesn’t cause havoc with my sleeping pattern much. Works the same as a morning shift as I finish at 6am, sleep for 4 hours and have a normal day. Whereas a morning shift has a 2pm finish so is a little more annoying.

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