Celebrities and privacy?

Everywhere in the news boring and unwanted stories about pointless celebrity events are published. No one wants to read about a celebrity walking to the shop in the morning in their night wear and no make up, therefore looking nothing like they normally do and almost unrecognizable. How will I benefit from knowing that a celebrity has purchased some milk from their local Tesco or Morrisons? Well, I wont in any way is the short answer. 

Once you become a celebrity you lose all privacy to your life, this is a well known fact. You will no longer be able to scratch your bottom without someone in a nearby bush taking 16 photos of it happening. Nor will you be allowed to walk outside without 12 layers of make up on. Privacy and celebrities do not sound right in the same sentence because of the obsession to make stories by the media. 

Paparazzi follow day in, day out anyone who is someone just to try and pull a story together for the paper the following day. This job is almost worse than the traffic wardens, and that is an annoying job for most. I know many die hard fans of celebrities will probably read this and think `don’t bad mouth my celeb`, `leave them alone` or any other stupid protection offers but quite frankly, I’m not fussed. Especially those who feel deep down they will someday meet their favoured celebrity and somehow spend the remainder of their life with them. Don’t get your hopes up.

In some ways, the lack of privacy for these celebrities is a bit sad. What if they wish to have a private life? What if they don’t want their latest toilet break plastered all over the front pages of the papers and magazines? Sweat patches, dribble marks, red noses, revealing attire – the list goes on. It’s almost like no one else has these problems – ever. Well, they do, it’s not just celebrities. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. 

Anyway, rant over.

See you soon. 


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