New year resolution?

Who has made a new year resolution? I get asked this every year and every year my answer remains the same – no I haven’t. It’s pointless.

These only last all of 10 minutes, a few hours or sometimes even a month or two. It never happens. ‘Im going to stop biting my nails’ he says whilst biting his nails thinking of a new year resolution at half 12 just after we enter the new year. ‘I will stop smoking’ they say just after breathing a mouth full of smoke into the air outside. ‘I shall stop swearing’ is muttered just after they shout at someone for spilling their drink. It’s all the same.

Why have you waited an entire year to now decide to change something that you believe is wrong about you? Why not change it when you think of changing it? I’m unsure on the answers to these very peculiar questions. Quite frankly, it baffles me.

Drunken new year resolutions are simply empty promises which are either forgotten in the morning or failed in the afternoon. There are a few who do achieve their resolution promise obviously but the majority won’t I assume. I haven’t made one for the past few years after realising this.

What’s your new year resolution? If you have one of course.

Bye for now.


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