The Simpsons Tapped out gets valentines update

Finally, EA has released a new update which has actually gently impressed me. After growing bored and weary of the Christmas period theme I began to merely expand the area with buckets of money until an update was finally in sight. Here it is. Valentines day is but two weeks away, and the update given [...]


The final days of blog a day!

The final days of my blog a day challenge are here and it has been interesting, to say the least. As many may know, this can be a difficult challenge especially for beginners in blogging. Therefore I thought I would do a reflective post to describe the challenge, which has been attempted three times before by myself. [...]

The games which took a u-turn

Excited for the newest instalment of Grand Theft Auto soon? I know I am. Which, in a way, has inspired this post. A few games I have played lately, albeit not much, have actually impressed me. Obviously there are flaws, but that's with most things - isn't it? Unfortunately, these are all on the Xbox [...]