The R8 experience!

After 3 days of continuous neglect for my beloved Audi I have finally put the festive drinks down long enough to be able to drive it again. It’s been too long in my eyes. Just the sound of its engine has cheered me up even more so than I was before, the pleasure of driving it has returned with a vengeance – perhaps even a way of punishment for not driving it for so long. 

This brings me to my important news of the week, it was my birthday on saturday (22nd) and I got a heck of a present from my amazing girlfriend. It is a driving experience in the Audi R8 – that’s right, the parent of my little A3 sport and every other Audi out there. I am more than excited, in fact I am so excited I can’t even describe the feeling. Obviously I will be booking it for the summer of next year – or at least the period of the year where our summer is supposed to be shall I say. I know it is ages away but it will be after I graduate from university and therefore just after all of my exams. Think of it as a little bit of an event to let off some steam. Plus the added benefit of it hopefully being dry and sunny so I can really get to business with the huge power and pleasure the R8 has to offer. 

The only problem with this is that when I have driven it I will only want to experience it every day after that. I am a bit of a car fanatic and have chosen to climb the Audi tree until I get the very best. Not doing too bad at the moment, but I will be driving to the R8 day in my A3 and then leaving in the A3. Not that this is a bad thing apart from the difference in power I shall inevitably experience at a huge level. 

All in all, I am loving the idea of getting my hands on an R8 after so long of looking at them endlessly and wishing for the day that I can get one for myself. This is just another motivational event for me to work hard to be able to get one too. I can’t wait. 

See you soon.


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