‘The distance’

For those who feel sometimes what they dream of achieving becomes distant and seems impossible –

That dream in the far,
sits as gentle as a star,
Until the light glimmers darker and becomes a shrouded Parker,
You lose sight of the picture and begin to flinch and think you’re out of luck,
You struggle to find it just become blinded,
That voice in your head continues this tread,
Just whistles in the wind just constant whistling,
Feels like it’s pulling those darn thistles in so your listening,
Looks like life’s glistening in the distance it’s thin,
So you pursue it and chase it so clenched you make a fist again,
It’s never enough it keeps fading away out of reach out of way,
You think of giving up until your hope is completely gone away,
It’s just another time and day they say,
Don’t let it worry you it’s a hiccup a minor trip up so hey,
Head up don’t let up keep determined be it as it may,
Life comes easy to some and to others it looks the other way,
You just got to chase it and scream and make a scene,
Make it happen no matter how hard it seems.



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