An artistic endeavour.

Yet more little changes have been made to this blog, and many more are still being decided upon. However, a slightly major change I have in mind is to add a new page at the top alongside the ‘home’, ‘about me’, ‘car history’ and ‘what I do’ tabs.

This new page in the pipeline is an artistic page. I feel art has become somewhat forgotten in today’s society. Especially the traditional form of it to say the least. Tonal drawings and observations seem to have been overtaken by black boxes, toilet seats covered in cement and chopped up animals. It’s a forgotten skill.

Therefore I was tempted, for those who are interested, to display some of my drawings I have done in an ‘artists corner’ page. I wouldn’t call myself an artist, only to the extent that I like to draw and frequently do so. This is only because of the tranquility and relaxation sensation it brings with it. This is still being decided as I said though and may not happen. Instead something else may take its place.



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