That one moment you build up to,
You hope it goes well and perfect the whole way through,
Worries creep in and doubt begins,
You don’t know whether to run or stay steady just stay in,
Confidence thins,
Mist descends,
You lost site of the end,
Your patience starts to bend,
No one around you knows of this seeping worry that trends,
It’s okay they’re all friends,
Shine like a light – be you don’t be them,
Come like you have the means to carry on,
Stand tall and be the one you dreamt upon,
Don’t fall – don’t stumble,
Step on over this life obstacle,
Even when it feels the worlds watching with a monocle,
It’s just a little hurdle remember this,
When life puts you down; rise up don’t pretend it missed,
Don’t stay down just get up and return to it,
Life moves forward and you have to learn to stay ahead of its deadly hiss,
Regret and learn from it, make mistakes and grow from them, be someone you want to be not a mimic of a gimmick, be ready and stay ahead it’s just the way it is.

I think this situation of isolation is relatable to many, this is a thought I had so I thought I’d share it.



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