Shopping daze…

As everyone already knows, Christmas is literally around the corner now. That means there are a lot of shoppers currently clambering into shopping centres to get those presents in time. Car parks are full to the brim, roads near shopping centres are packed and queues stretch out as far as they can.

I have been out shopping lately too – about 4 or 5 times so far. It’s getting a bit close now I know but there’s just some people who are harder to buy for than others. Admittedly I only have a few things left on my list and those will be done before the week’s over. The first few times of Christmas shopping are somewhat fun, but after that number quickly approaches double digits it becomes stressful.

There’s just something about shopping for presents which makes people go insane – temporarily of course. The number of shops there are to sift through makes it all the more fun to do. The downside to this is that it takes hours to search for that little present you need. Nothing else becomes good enough, some shops have similar things but it’s not just the one you want.

It’s my birthday on Saturday anyway, so I’m sure a few people are stressing even more trying to deal with both at the same time. I’m excited anyway!

See you soon.


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