The good side.

Another night shift guys, you know the drill. Tonight isn’t random though, you may be surprised, you may be glad. If you’ve made it this far you’re obviously somewhat intrigued.

It’s been a bit of an ‘up and down’ night, I was alone for about 10 minutes, two guys demanded alcohol for 15 minutes and a drunk guy made us laugh for 20 minutes. A guy drove into one of our poles, a tire burst, a 10 year old asked for alcohol. It’s been busy, but not too stressful, it’s cold, I’m tired. All the consequences of a night shift in other words.

The highlight however? At about 2.10am a guy from Addison lee drove in and reversed into a pole. He then told me about said pole incident and we stood in the blistering cold chatting for half an hour. Talking about my career choice in law, life in general, cars, jobs, houses and money – everything you wouldn’t expect from a stranger nowadays. This guy was cool, relaxed and rather smart. He looked presentable and well mannered, it was surprising how much depth we went into in our chat.

The point is, it cheered my day up. It lightened up the looming night shift and lonely hours of the early morning. It was an odd occurrence especially in today’s society, it was something no one would expect from a customer. Where have all these people gone? Why has people’s attitudes towards each other descended into the abyss along with manners, courtesy, loyalty and trust? It’s just one of those things.

Anyway, thank you guy from Addison lee for the relaxed chat!

See you all soon.


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