A sad time.

The shootings in America have far exceeded the number they ever should have. The continuous stories which fill the media about shootings in cinemas, schools, public places and elsewhere have become somewhat expected to some.

Not this though, not children of between 5-10 years old. Why would a persons mind be so warped that they chose to murder innocent children whilst they gather at school for what they believe is another day? A mind which makes real what isn’t, a mind which persuades someone to carry out such acts. A shooting which is provoked only by internal hatred, bottled up until past it’s point of eruption and taken out relentlessly on the people who have nothing to do with any of it. Especially young children, children so young they do not even realise why their school is under attack. The age where they cannot grasp the very nature of what is about to happen when they hear those noises in the corridors and hallways. This is where mankind loses faith within itself.

As Barack Obama has stated, action must be taken to prevent these from happening. I fully agree. Action should have been taken a long time ago. Those parents have lost their children over an individual who could not control his hate and could not restrain his own being from continuing to slaughter these children and the adults at the school. So close to a time where families are together, Christmas celebrations are a part of most households and parents see the happiness on their children’s faces on Christmas Day.

This man shot himself after doing all of this, he took the cowards way out long after he should have. He should have took his own life before he left his house and left everyone out of it. I was saddened and shocked to read such an event had taken place.

Things will not change until America tightens its gun laws and takes steps to prevent this happening again.



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