As you may have noticed the small changes being done to my blog page, you will notice a few more coming soon too. Such as the ‘Poetry’ category added recently, and also the newly added ‘Law corner’. I have had this blog for around 3 months now and have become used to it enough to begin refining it’s appearance.

The theme has been changed to ‘twenty eleven’ for a more updated and fresh look. As stated, two categories have been added. The ‘random’ category will all be moved into the ‘general’ category and will then be removed for ease of topic categorisation.

The community part at the bottom of the page has been expanded to promote the people who follow me and support my blog too. The tags on the posts will be more detailed to suit the post content and may even see some changed on previous posts.

A new widget will hopefully be added to display my twitter for those who wish to follow there too for better post updates. This is still being decided however. The header may be changed to a slighter better appearance as it is the first thing people see too.

All this and a few more tweaks are to come. The little bits make up the whole right? Feel free to comment and interact I don’t bite! I can see many, many likes and a few more follows building up which is reassuring.


Bye for now.


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