It’s 2am, bedtime?

Another night shift people, this is where my mind goes wild with random thoughts. Also this marks the opening of a new category labelled ‘Ramblings’ – purely for these types of moments.

So I’m working late/early into the night/morning – bit awkward when doing a night shift I know. Many things happen to people who are, presumably, depraved of their precious sleep and I witness much of these consequences.

People forget their change, forget keys, a phone, a receipt or even their mind. Perhaps it’s due to the hours of which they chose to fill their cars up or come in for bread. Just tonight a women came in for the sole purpose of buying bread and milk, she paid, took her change then walked to her car – empty handed. Right. I then had to chase her down and hand her the bag of products before she realised she almost paid for well, nothing. Others lose concentration and when asked if they require a bag the only response is a somewhat peculiar stare which leaves you thinking you may have become transparent. Car keys have been left on the till whilst the customer attempts to start their car up to leave, as well as bank cards left in machines until the owner remembers or someone points it out.

It’s all fun too, it’s a little mistake – a ‘whoopsie’ if you will. No ones perfect aye? It’s all gentle entertainment to everyone around them anyway. Although I often wonder why people chose 2am to get up and fill up their car. Did they have a bad dream of running dry on the way to work? I’m unsure. Similarly why would someone come for a snack and a coffee at 2am to catch up with their mate? It is rather strange. Best get back to my work.

See you soon.


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