The road – a place of lies and loopholes.

After a very frsutrating few weeks have passed I do have some points that I simply must make. This does have a legal basis and therefore shall not be a normal fun or observational post. With that out of the way we shall move on to my problem. For the record this regards road traffic collisions (RTA), liability disputes including contributory negligence and also general legal provisions surrounding the above.

  1. RTA: A road traffic collision will be annoying and will affect anyone unfortunate enough to be involved in one. What makes them all the more frustrating and generally infuriating are the views and morals (or lack of) of people today. Why do people decide not to take responsibility for something they have caused? Why do they lie and try to shift it to the innocent party? I will tell you why, it is because people do not have that moral standard of responsibility and therefore blame another purely because they do not want to be detrimented by the situation. Much like my recent incident, the 3rd party is trying to place all of the blame onto me because he does not want to lose out. Now I do not like liars, nor do I agree with responsibility being denied. It does not help with insurance companies purely trying to protect themselves. Instead of `fighting for their clients` as they say, they really are merely attempting to prevent any money leaving their hands.
  2. This brings me to my second point – liability issues. Apportioning blame through contributory negligence. To say someone is wrong for turning when they have right of way to do so and being hit by another negligent driver is down right pathetic. Similarly, having your car crashed into whilst it is parked – look online and you will find many stories of how people have been `blamed` for parking their car in that spot where it was hit. This is ridiculous and unfair on the drivers who really are not at fault. Couple these stupid `rules` of liability with the fact that many now do not fear lying to authorities and you have one nasty, frustrating situation.
  3. Finally, leading on from the previous two points – what of witnesses? Independent witnesses are straight forward and will (presumably) tell the truth on what they saw. Passengers though? Their version of events are taken in a `limited capacity`, regardless of who they are in relation to the driver of the vehicle. I agree if it was family members, close friends or partners. However, what if the passengers are just work colleagues? People you have not known for a significant amount of time. Well, they still don’t count as `reliable`. This to me is flawed and should be changed. For instance, in my car at the time of the accident I had with me; my supervisor who I have worked with for around 7 months, a team leader who I have known for around 1 year and another night shift colleague known for the same time. Now take into account that in that 1 year I only work 16 hours a week, so I don’t always work with them. So my question is this: `What would they gain from lying for me?`.

Now with that out in the open my views are as follows. Regarding general RTA rules (1) there are many flaws accompanying them yet nothing is done to correct them. Why? Because our government is too concerned with other things, some of which are not needed! The amount of people who find it easy to lie in these situations (2) now are astonishing. Morals and respect have decreased far below what anyone may think initially – courtesy on the roads is near non-existant and recklessness is incredibly and worryingly high.  Finally, witnesses (3) – whether they be independent or just passengers should be more closely looked at. Passengers do not automatically lie for their drivers. This is placing an unfair stereotype and assumption upon genuine passengers who have been unfortunate enough to be involved in the collision. Take certain factors into account at least. Who are they? How close are you? Have you known them long? So on. Many rules relating to the road are actually, when looked at in detail, very flawed indeed. These however will not be detailed here.

Rant over, for now.



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