What goes bump in the night?

Well a pheasant of course! Strictly speaking anyway. Half way through a joyous day of work on a Sunday evening something happened which had me semi speechless. Not completely speechless as I think that is impossible for me.

A ford focus drove into our forecourt, pulled up at the pump and 3 passengers exited the vehicle. They strolled to the front and burst into uncontrollable laughter and shouting. The driver gets out and walks toward them, unknown to what he will see.

Unlucky for him, he found a pheasant dug into the bottom end of his bumper! Now at first I thought it was a bird, but soon realised the actual size of it upon further inspection.

After a short while, the driver took a rubber glove from our dispenser and attempted to pull it off – or out for that matter. Once out, everyone realised it was a fully grown pheasant! Many pictures were taken by the gawking passengers by now obviously and the pheasant? Well it was simply placed inside one of the forecourt bins. Nice.

Now the guy has feathers spewed across his bumper and a slight hole in the bottom grill. What a pleasant thing to happen whilst driving with your mates aye.

Just feel sorry for the guy who changes that bin and finds a pheasant popping out the top end!

Anyways, ciao.


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