Dancing with ice.

Here we are again with another night shift, yep. 10pm until 10am, it’s the way to do it – I think. That means of course another post, and a random one at that. It’s a thoughtful post still.

I’m currently watching my car ice up, that loveable spread of ice across the windscreen and all other windows which just emanates annoyance from its very being. The whole car in fact has become a sparkling twilight style body and is practically frostbitten. Why? Because its too damn cold.

So I know full well that come morning when my shift finishes, I will have to de-ice thoroughly. Nice way to begin a Saturday after spending 12 hours at work. This brings me to my overall thought of this very long night. Why does de-icing a car always seem to annoy?

That cold, winter morning when you really don’t want to crawl out of your incredibly comfortable bed and unwrap from that crisp and warm duvet. The one where the very thought of doing activities/chores/work or just general tasks of the day seem to prick a tear from your unsuspecting eye. Made worse of course by the rather obvious cold chill you receive upon exiting the confines of your bedroom. Place on top of that the tired attempt at getting prepared and ready for a day that you don’t want to be ‘ready’ for at all. The kettle which takes extra long to boil, the breakfast which turns soggy because you concentrate more on finishing your preparation stages and forget about it. This goes on.

Until, you finally exit your home and embark on that dreaded walk toward your vehicle. Parked idly in the morning light, under a flickering street lamp with no noise to accompany it apart from you panting away trying to wake up. You get closer, only to discover that glisten of ice covering your beloved car.

So what do you do? You attack it viciously every which way you possibly can. Turn the engine on and rev it up, place the heating component to beyond melting point – or just on ‘5’ perhaps. Back window heating strips are set to ‘on’ and the de-icer comes out to play along with that well known scraper. Here we go this shouldn’t take long.

Of course, we are wrong. It’s the morning – what goes right? You spray the de-icer over the windscreen and wait patiently only to see no real change to that sheet of ice. So the scraper is applied vigorously until you practically crack the entire windscreen whilst underestimating your own strength. By this time the ice and frosted flakes have fallen over the top of the scrapers handle and landed on your hand, making it blue and deeming it unusable through that cold bite.

You attempt it again, this time placing your sleeve over both hands and scraping away to avoid frost hitting your already blue and numb hands. This works! You clamber into your car and turn those wipers on to push the remains of the ice sheet off onto the floor. This doesn’t work completely however. Instead it just leaves a wet window inside where the cold ice has been warmed up by that powerful heating and melted into water. So you wipe it off with your hand, only to find smudge marks and even further obscuring water lines on the inside of the window.

Your car is now heated to the max, has both wipers frantically attacking nothing and the back window is so hot it could cook your breakfast. So you wait. By now of course you have lost all will to even begin your journey and just want to walk back inside to that bed which screams at you.

‘The day must go on’

The joys of winter for drivers.

Bye for now.


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