There’s something about m-a-a-ary.

Strange title I know. It is justified. Today I came home from uni to discover a letter awaiting my arrival on the table in the living room. Was it another annoying and superfluous letter? A statement? A birthday card? No. None of these. Instead it was a letter about a sheep being transported and unfortunately dying in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, animal cruelty is ridiculous and wrong and should be prevented. However, the big bold lettering on this page of the letter stated the following:

“This sheep only had a few hours of transportation and it died”

Next to this was a photo of said sheep. Now, excuse my crude and narrow thought, but why was a picture taken of the sheep when it was on a seemingly stationary truck? Shouldn’t you have stopped this as you have stated you wish to in this letter? Instead you take a profile picture of said sheep and plaster it on millions of letters to everyone.

Personally I feel like my charitable efforts are better given to cancer research and such other charities. Not sheep. Sorry.

On a bit of an off topic note – this company or organisation will now have Greenpeace on their back because of the huge number of trees used to distribute this message! Did they think of the trees? I doubt it.

Just a short note, bye for now.


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