Celebrity madness?

After seeing many stories of these rather ridiculous ‘die hard’ fans of celebrities I thought there was a post to be done for it. Seriously, these stories are stupid enough to be in Jeremy Kyle’s ‘best of’ shows.

Fans threatening partners of their ‘favourite celebrity’ has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. Death threats, abuse, upset and backlashes are just a few off of the list of stupidity.

Now I’m a fan of Ed Sheeran – a massive fan – but it stays at the normal, sane level of fan based activities. You know; listening to his albums, having all his albums, watching his videos and following his twitter account etc. I must admit I haven’t actually felt the urge to knock on his door and cry endlessly after weeks of close quarter stalking tactics. Nor have I roundhouse kicked my tv if I see him chatting to anyone who I don’t personally know. Very odd.

So why do it? Why do people threaten stars who are dating Harry styles from 1D? Will you marry him? Will you EVER get close to him? No. So continue staring continuously and intensively at his life size picture in your room and get a grip. The same for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber – “no one hurts my Justin” and so on. Are you his mum? If so, as welcoming as this comment is it’s
not needed. If not, well read above you ‘wannabe’.

By all means, be a fan of whoever the heck you want. But stop losing sight of reality and living in a delusional dream state where nothing regarding your ‘beloved’ will come true. Maybe a quick handshake or wink when they pass at a tour gig sure, but nothing enough to deem them ‘yours’.

I just feel the death threats and hurling abuse is really overstepping the mark that you drove past 26 minutes ago to hide in the bush of R-patz’ garden. Live your own life and get out of the shadow of the celebrities.


Bye for now.


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