The end of `Cassie II`.

“What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain?”

Now the quote above may not at first make much sense to you all. It will soon be explained. It is quite possibly not a well known quote to many and was given by Marquis De Custine – a French Aristocrat and writer (1790-1857). This quote gently sums up how I have been feeling lately, frustrated and annoyed. I promised myself I would not blog about this but I feel enough has been covered to justify a post.

On the 2nd of November at around 10.30pm my beloved Audi A3 – `Cassie II` – was written off. Now details will not be given of the collision itself for obvious reasons. However, today I had to deal with the phone call to notify me of the official declaration that the Audi is not repairable. The total costs would have been around the area of £5,600 minimum. After only having the car for just over a month this was not the news I wished to hear. In fact, it was rather upsetting and very frustrating, to the point I was overwhelmingly angry.

A search has already began for a new car to try and replace the joys and perfection the Audi offered. Very few have been found too. To explain the quote above; seeing as I have resisted posting on the annoyance and anger I have felt and just generally expressing how I feel about what has happened has made it even more irritating for me. Lately I have been posting on the general disregard and carelessness of drivers on the roads today. This may in part be down to the collision that saw my Audi be taken off the road and now scrapped, it may also be down to how many complaints and issues others have whilst driving around that I have heard.

For just over a week now I have waited around for a phone call telling me whether I would be able to drive the Audi again after being repaired or whether the damage was just too much. This waiting around really did begin to test my patience and made my tolerance of excessive and wasted time lapse run very, very thin. In fact, my so called `cup` runneth over so far it practically spilt tea over the floor…

On a lighter note, I am on the hunt for an even nicer Audi A3 and will be doing a similar style post to introduce my newest possession! Look out for that, somewhere along the lines of `Cassie III` perhaps? Stay tuned!

Bye for now.


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