Musical medicine.

Does anyone else just take time out from everything to relax and chill to music? Well I do, quite a lot. Especially in stressful or busy times. Many times after doing a bucket load of work, driving here there and everywhere, sorting out other random bits I like to just relax to my favourite music. If I have time of course.

After just ‘one of those days’ this normally helps. You know, the days where you get up earlier than your alarm was set for and couldn’t return to your dream state. The shower only spews out cold water, the kettle seems to take 3 days to boil instead of 3 minutes and then the light blows. Not to mention finding a spider in the weetos when you take a mouthful. It doesn’t stop there either. You walk into a door you thought you just opened, then drop your keys 5 times whilst trying to lock the door through weary and red eyes. Everything just seems like it’s a snowball gradually increasing in size until it catches up and smacks you in the face like a wrecking ball you weren’t expecting. Thinking of it, even if you were expecting a wrecking ball to hit your face I’m sure you wouldn’t allow it. Oh well. These you just can’t escape from. You just want to crawl back into your bed and sleep.

I’m sure everyone has their own ‘chill out’ methods. Some are probably crazy. Others may be odd but nonetheless I’m sure it’s a needed feature of ones life. Oh and for the record, the above pretty much described one of my days before work early in the morning – including the surprise spider taking a swim in the chocolate milk of my cereal bowl!

Anyway, bit of a random one. Thought I had better return to blogging seeing as I haven’t in a few days, sorry to disappoint! I will pick it up again and post more, just needed time to get on top of everything again before I was snowed under too much.

See you all.


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