An update on the Ds3.

Some things I can’t quite let slip on the Ds3. Such as the clunky gear changes, the slippery and small steering wheel. The slight annoying growl of the Diesel engine which makes me feel like a tiger creeping up on people in traffic. Little things like this are beginning to show after extended driving of the Citroen.

The interior light doesn’t light up enough of the small inside so it’s difficult to see anything when entering the car at night. The wing mirrors which appear to be inspired by Dumbos ears, the dashboard on the passenger side which feels unfinished or misplaced. The plastic feel to the key and dash trim and the dials all feel a bit too, well, plastic and fake. Not to mention the fact that one window has an automatic one touch facility to open and the passenger side doesn’t, was this a budget manoeuvre or forgetfulness?

The car feels like it fights the camber of the road unnecessarily and always wants to remain straight. Roundabouts are not in the Ds3 dictionary. Of course it isn’t all bad, the power feels significant and the car feels small and nimble and makes it easy to weave through cluttered areas with ease. The drive is rather smooth on certain roads and the stereo and display is actually relatively cool.

As stated though, it’s a decent enough car to get me about while mine is being repaired.

Bye for now.


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