Dearly beloved…

As stated in a previous post, my beloved Audi is currently sitting in an impound lot awaiting collection. Tomorrow it will be taken to a repair centre to determine whether it can be repaired or if it is to be deemed a write off. This is rather upsetting and I have found myself constantly hoping it is repairable and that I will be able to drive it again soon.

It may seem sad but I genuinely do want it back, after just one month of driving it I fell completely in love with all of its perfections, and minor imperfections too for that matter. I have also found myself recalling the smooth and pleasant drive it offered in even the shortest of trips. At the moment however, and for the time being too I will be given a hire car from the insurance company. I am dreading to see what they offer, but this will not be found out until I phone them tomorrow! I am hoping in a way that it is something I have not driven yet. Purely for the reason of experience, I might as well try and experience a different car while I have the chance!

If however they do try and offer me either a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper I shall cry and quite possibly ask for something a little better! I do have a thing against these cars, especially the Fiat. I shall not go into detail about these issues though. If they give another Audi I would be pleasantly surprised and also quite gutted as it will make me miss mine more! It is my suspicion that it very well could be a BMW 1 series, due to it being a very similar size, engine capacity and year as my Audi. As I have said, this will all be revealed tomorrow.

I have to try and keep up with 4 different companies at the moment as well as read, prepare seminars and do two pieces of coursework too! Should be a fun couple of weeks I think.

See you soon.


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