Howdy Audi!

The time is getting closer for me to chose my next car! Although it is a rather biased choice at the moment as I am intent on getting another Audi. Who wouldn't? They drive smooth, react quick and look sleek. Not to mention the detail that goes into them is very commendable. I did (for … Continue reading Howdy Audi!


‘Make a U-turn where possible you flaming idiot’

So todays major event for me was seeing a guy in a white range rover driving down the wrong side of a dual carriageway. On my trip to uni around half 12 me and  a few other cars pulled off of a roundabout and were confronted by a huge range rover facing us! Of course … Continue reading ‘Make a U-turn where possible you flaming idiot’

Lesson 1…open the door.

Alas! A structured post! It's been a while since I have done a long post but this one requires it. It's a serious topic, with a hint of fun - no surprise I hope. I have had a few thoughts about the whole process of learning to drive and getting on that road. Let's begin … Continue reading Lesson 1…open the door.