Tax, tax and more tax.

A two tier road tax is currently being mooted and studies are being carried out too. Has anyone read this? If people do not pay the correct tier they shall not be allowed on any major roads, A-roads or motorways included just to emphasise there.

Quite frankly this is utterly ridiculous and unbelievable. Following on from my post about the planet ownership; what is this world coming to? Who in their right mind would pay a lower tax rate and agree not to drive on major roads? No one would, which is precisely why this is probably being discussed by the government. More money, more taxes. I would be stuck in my little town as many routes out of it are major roads and routes!

This will either cause national outrage on people who have used one major road and received a fine for it, chaotic congestion on minor roads and routes to escape the major routes or just complete disarray from protesting citizens. Of course this is the overview and a rather brief description of the possible consequences but nonetheless, it probably would occur.

If this is another half witted attempt to ‘improve economic status’ and let’s be honest – it is, then how much would it end up actually costing to implement? A new system of number plate recognition cameras spewed up and down the major roads watching and scanning every single vehicle that passes, more people to observe and maintain said cameras, a new association or committee to keep an eye on its progress and so on, so forth. These are but a few of the many, many possible expenses which will arise from this preposterous idea of the government.

Already to drive, which to many is essential, it is costing far too much. Driving lessons, driving tests, theory tests, accompanying books and materials for these, a car, insurance, tax, mot, expensive fuel, maintenance, repairs from dodgy roads, congestion charge (where applicable); and now there may be two tiers of road tax? Jeez. Obviously I stand by my argument which is as follows; if you want to drive, you must understand the consequential financial burden which accompanies it. However, I argue that the government is now becoming silly and desperate in order to regain economic stability to our country by making citizens pay for the mistakes of massive borrowing, unpaid loans and mortgages and undiscovered expenses incurred from every unnecessary act which the government involves themselves in. Again this is a brief overview of the many problems our country faces, and many other countries for that matter.

What do you think of this proposal? This latest scam to even further empty the pockets of the hard working citizens and nationals of this country. Of course I will admit, when further details are given I will obviously reassess and post duly so.

Until then, ciao for now.

[article on Yahoo!]


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