Christmas time, mistle toe and lots of wine!

It’s nearly Christmas again! Yes it has come around rather quickly this year, and just saturday I saw a bit of snow at 6.30am. I was at work at the time, not randomly laying awake waiting anxiously for santa! Of course not many others saw this snow and I found myself telling many of it. 

Unlike the title of this post may suggest, I am by no means an alcoholic – I just enjoy a nice beverage every so often. I am sure many are the same, especially at Christmas time as it’s a good excuse. I am rather excited this year, but that may be partly or mostly because I am turning 21 soon! I am a December baby obviously. 

The only annoying side to Christmas is trying your hardest to find suitable presents for everyone. I struggle to decide on the present I want to give each person as I am rather picky. Not to mention the fact that not many can properly decide on what they want for Christmas and therefore can’t even give a clue to help! I am included in that, I just can’t decide on what I want. For some peculiar reason my mind goes blank of all of the things I have wanted previously throughout the year. Of course that is if I haven’t already got them beforehand! 

I am hoping it snows during the Christmas period, but closer the time. For now however it would be a mere inconvenience as my trip to uni and work would be made harder. Or anywhere for that matter. Who else wants a white Christmas? I am pretty certain many would want it to happen even if they do moan about the annoyances caused by the snow. Time to wrap up warm though I suppose, not too sure where the summer was this year I must admit. 

Not long to go now, Christmas and New year are nearly upon us. I will not get excited as such until closer the time, but for now I am simply looking forward to it. 

Bye for now.



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