One mars bar, sun rays…£27.70 please.

A Legal loophole means a women owns the sun, has this world gone insane? This story is in fact a little old, having being reported back in 2010 but nonetheless it is one of great disbelief.

Angeles Duran claims to hold the legal title deed for the sun. Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with the paper. I refer to the actual sun. Many may have read about this but for those who haven’t, I assure you – you will be surprised.

Here’s the brief story. Apparently after reading about an American man who claimed ownership of the moon and other planets, Angeles decided to claim the sun as her own. Using a ‘legal loophole’ regarding an international treaty which stated that no country can claim ownership of any planet or star. However this did not mention anything about individuals! Thus meaning that technically, Angeles could do it.

This is where it gets annoying, why on earth would we let anyone claim ownership of the sun! To make this worse she apparently intends to charge people for using it too. This is almost impossible to believe. People being charged for ‘using the sun’ during the day? So we have taxes and charges for nearly everything else that could be thought of and now there’s the slightest possibility that the sun will now be a part of it? Of course this will never happen. But it is still annoying that it’s even got this far.

As people have said back when this was first revealed; can she now be sued for causing sunburn, cancer and other various problems caused by the sun? Technically I believe she could. But I can bet my little sun tax fund that this wouldn’t happen.

What is mankind coming to? We have every little thing being governed by people who we don’t know everything about, yet they know of us. We have taxation, VAT, duties, charges and various other pocket-burners set upon us all. Do we really need to start playing around with who owns planets and stars? Heck, I hereby own space! We have laws which we don’t need, antiquated and obsolete rules which have no place in today’s society. When will it stop? Taxation on air? A pound per step program? There’s a charge for buying a chocolate twist and ‘taking it out to eat’. Well I’ll be damned.

I would recommend a read of this very peculiar story, I’ve pretty much covered it all but it’s interesting to see the full extent to which it stretches. I simply stumbled across it earlier and simply felt compelled to write about it.

See you soon.


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