How many is too many…

You may be thinking “why is there no question mark in his title? “. The answer would be simply that I wanted to attract your attention to it. I know full well that there should be one there, as it’s a question indeed. I just chose to miss it out – simple.

Anyway, enough rambling and onto the topic here. After looking at my very handy stats page on here I am trying to figure out a few things. First, my ‘busiest day’ was when I posted 4 posts, my second busiest being when I posted 6. On the days of posting just 1 or 2 the views were fewer. Is it better to post more? Also when does more become too much?

I’ve had days where writers block has set in and prevented any posts being made. Other days I just didn’t feel like writing. I’ve seen blogs which have posts far apart, and others which have posts every hour! What’s better? Does it depend on what you write about? I’m not sure yet. As of one official month of being a blogger I’ve achieved 7 followers, 1 comment and 704 views (at the time of writing). That’s not bad is it? I’m still ironing out some creases in my page but I’m picky. I know I don’t have a set theme to my topics but I feel that variation is better.

I think I’ll try and post at least 3 times each day for 1 week and see the outcome. Much like a little test or experiment except the outcome really doesn’t affect anyone! Oh well, all in the name of ‘blog-ience’. There, coining new terminology, definitely a winner for a new entry to the dictionary.

Anyway, still trying to hit 1,000 views so any support would be much appreciated. Thanks so far! By the way, I realise the title may not appear for the post below, not sure why but it does sometimes.

Hope you continue to enjoy. Ciao for now.


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