Do people really have ‘off days’ anymore? Or are many becoming very hasty, constantly in a rush kind of people? I am split two ways on this.

A petrol station, not the most advanced or complex surrounding you will ever find yourself in believe me. A petrol pump, all signed with what fuel spits from what pump. Slightly above this, set in a bright yellow background with big bold black lettering – “pay at pump only”. Now, the ‘average joe’ here would think: “yeah sure just pop me card in and I’ll be on me way matey”. Not sure why they would talk to themselves in a very colloquial conversationalist manner but hey. Many, many others it appears do the opposite. They stand there for nigh on 10 minutes shouting and tutting whilst mumbling “why ain’t they giving me no fuel? Damn fools”. All the time they are staring at the bright yellow sign! Ignorance or an ‘off moment’?

Cones, the big red things with shiny strips around the centre. The significance of said cones? They usually mean ‘off limits’, ‘keep out’, ‘works in progress’ and so on, so forth. I have seen many people drive through these cones in order to get fuel and then moan as to why they can’t! Others merely leave their cars and move the cones, then gently cruise in to try and get fuel. Again I ask, ignorance or an ‘off moment’?

Or, aside from the above options. Are people getting more careless and are in too much of a rush to consider anything which surrounds them? I think it’s a mixture, sure people have ‘off days’ still, others are in a blinding rush – and yes there are a few select people who seem arrogant and ignorant of what is around them.

What do you think?

Bye for now.


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